Overview of The Firm

NADIM is derived from an Arabic word, means companion or close friend, as such, reflecting the philosophy and vision of our firm, which to be a reliable and dependable friend to our clients.

Our primary focus is on the needs and priorities of the clients. Thus, all urgent enquiries shall receive an instant response, and a partner or associate is always on hand to attend to issues without delay to secure the delivery of excellence.

NADIM provides wide range of legal services, including general corporate, dispute resolutions, commercial transaction, project finance, construction, mining and environment.

We use the most appropriate resources for each task, and ensuring we are able help our clients and anticipate any new developments that may affect them.

Experience in Dealing with Government Agencies

NADIM provides legal services to both private company and state-owned enterprises, thus we have an extensive experience in dealing with government agencies, policy makers, and industry experts, including: (i) Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia; (ii) Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources; (iii) Ministry of Environment and Forestry; (iv) the Ministry of Law and Human Rights; and (v) Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises

Assisting Our Clients to Discuss with Governed Bodies

Moreover, the team members in NADIM have many years experience assisting our clients to discuss certain legal matters with governed bodies, such as: (i) Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU); (ii) Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM); (iii) Financial Services Authority (OJK); (iv) Indonesian National Police (Kepolisian RI); and (v) Attorney General of the Republic of Indonesia (Kejaksaan Agung RI)