Members of The Firm

Rio Fafen Ciptaswara, SH., MH., LLM.

Managing Partner

Rio is a member of PERADI with expertise across all aspects of commercial and dispute resolution, with a particular focus on commercial, capital market and project finance, energy and mining, insolvency, and dispute resolution.

Rio graduated from the Faculty of Law, Gadjah Mada University, and subsequently earned an LLM from University of California, Berkeley - United States of America.

Zaenal Abidin, SH., MH.

Senior Partner

Abi is a member of PERADI with expertise across all aspects of litigation and dispute resolution, including General and Specific Criminal Cases, Commercial Disputes, Land Disputes, Industrial Relation, Bankruptcy and Insolvency, and any other litigation and dispute resolution that occurs to the clients.

Abi graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia, and subsequently earned his Master of Laws from University of Trisakti.

Rio has received professional licenses in Liquidation, Insolvency, Capital Market, Merger and Acquisitions from Indonesian and International Institutions, as well as certification in Business and Strategic Management from Wharton and Harvard Business School - United States of America.

Prior to establishment of NADIM & Partners, Rio was a member of In-House Legal Counsel in one of Indonesia’s mining State-Owned Enterprise (SOE), and attorney in a notable law firm in Indonesia.

Prior to joining NADIM & Partners, was already an established attorney specialized in Litigation and Dispute Resolution and has dealt numerous complex litigation and dispute resolution cases in Indonesia.

Abi had more than 30 (thirty) years of experience in Litigation and Dispute Resolution, by representing Private Entities, State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and Government Institutions, in various complex Commercial Disputes and Specific Criminal Cases.